Do you have problems with your dry cows at calving? Are you getting more cases of milk fever than you’d like? If this sounds familiar then consider trying Advanced DCAB – a complete feed with all the necessary ingredients incorporated into one bag to make feeding the late dry cow easier and more effective.

What is it?

Advanced DCAB contains a range of anionic salts on a soya base with glycerine, Actisaf yeast, Biotin and balanced levels of minerals. Glycerine enhances rumen function and microbial protein synthesis, encouraging friendly fibredigesting bacteria. We also sell Advanced DCAB (G) with a lower protein level and even higher lactose levels for use with grass or grass silage systems.

How does it work?

Feeding the Advanced DCAB products produces a large negative DCAB (dietary cation-anion balance) enabling higher intakes of calcium to be achieved to meet the dry cow requirements at this critical time.

The DCAB system allows the feeding of high levels of calcium, and this is the key to improving smooth muscle function, which is essential for the uterus, the rumen and the teat sphincter. The product also stimulates dry matter intakes, milk yields and fertility, whilst reducing milk fevers, retained cleansings and metritis.

We have recently increased the levels of Vitamins A, D and E still further following recent research work which showed significant benefits from including higher levels. The net effects of this change are reduced mastitis around calving and improved fertility and general performance later.


Advanced DCAB is a complete feed that makes feeding the late dry cow easier and more effective. By producing a large negative dietary cation-anion balance it enables higher intakes of calcium, reducing the risk of sub-clinical or clinical milk fever. For more information and our latest prices contact us on 01823 491238.