The ‘Advanced HealthyCalver Nut’, captures the benefits of their proven DCAB system in an easy to use all in one feed. Advance’s formulation includes anionic salts to achieve a partial DCAB status, as well as higher levels of major minerals and vitamins than most other products available, especially magnesium, zinc, selenium and vitamin E.
All these are known to be critical to enhance the cow’s immune system and give the best results at calving. In addition high levels of good quality energy and protein sources are used to prevent palatability issues and ensure a high feed intake at calving, resulting in limited loss in body condition post calving and better subsequent fertility.

Commenting on the product, Chris Laycock, from Kite Consulting said:

“Since we launched our range of DCAB dry cow feeds several years ago we have seen exceptional on farm results, with virtually no retained cleansings or milk fevers, quick calvings and cows in optimum condition at calving, enabling high milk yields and good ongoing fertility. The financial benefits can amount to many thousands of pounds per year as well as producing an easier, less stressful life for everyone involved in looking after the cows.

“But traditional DCAB rations can be difficult to feed, particularly to small groups of cows or in warm weather, or where the cows have to be fed outside at grass, as they need to be well mixed and kept stable to avoid palatability and heating issues. The introduction of Advanced HealthyCalver Nuts was therefore significant as it enables farmers to take advantage of the benefits of a DCAB-style approach where they may not have been able to before. The 14 mm nuts come in 25kg bags on a 1 tonne pallet, making it easier to handle and feed, resulting in the best possible start to the next lactation.”

Shropshire milk producer, Neale Sadler (pictured), has been trialling HealthyCalver nuts on his 75-cow robotically milked herd. He commented:

“I was attracted by the benefits of a DCAB ration in the dry period but it was not practical to use a traditional DCAB mix because of the relatively small groups of dry cows we have at any one time. HealthyCalver solves this problem and I am pleased with the results we are achieving. It is easy to feed and since we’ve been using it we have seen virtually no milk fever or retained cleansings and have had no major calving problems.”